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Brochures and Quick Reference Guides

Series Description Valid Date
E1 System Brochure E1 Silverware Handling System Overview March, 2016 E1 System Brochure
Convenience Counters Mobile Convenience Counter System for creating condiments, beverages including coffee service, recycling centers, and rash counters. January, 2018 Convenience Counters
Cart Chart Quick reference guide to the many different cart configurations from Steril-Sil March, 2017 Cart Chart
Product Menu, 2021 Quick reference card with a complete listing of all Steril-Sil products for 2019 January, 2021 Product Menu
C-Store Guide Quick reference guide to the most common products used by convenience stores April, 2017 C-Store Guide
Proper Silverware Handling A small format brochure for show floor stocking dealers of the Steril-Sil product line to help educate customers about the category. March 2018 Proper Silverware Handling