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Welcome to Steril-Sil.  With over 75 years of tradition building dispensing products for the foodservice industry, Steril-Sil has a wide range of solutions for restauranteurs, hospitality and institutional foodservice operations. Our product line includes silverware handling and dispensing equipment, insulated and non-insulated condiment dispensers, utility dispensers and raised rails, all with a wide range of uses.
All Steril-Sil equipment is manufactured to the highest quality using top grade materials and finishing techniques.  We are proud of our deep roots and understanding of the foodservice industry and we will continue to explore and produce space saving and dispensing solutions for foodservice operators.

Video Overview of the New E1 Silverware Handling System

The new E1 Silverware Handling System overview video is now available.  Click on the video to learn more about the new E1 Silverware Handling System!